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The 3 hold gold bathtub faucet is a beautiful and practical way to update your bathroom. This faucet features a sleek design that will add an element of sophistication to your bathroom. The three-hold faucet is made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure that it will stand up to regular use. Plus, the matte finish ensures that this faucet looks great in any bathroom setting.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

What is the feature of the bathtub golden faucet

  • 【BATHROOM TUB FAUCET 】The bathtub faucet is made of all copper, which resists scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing. The surface of the bathroom tub faucet looks stylish and modern.
  • 【WATERFALL SPOUT 】The long open channel spout fills the tub quickly and effortlessly and makes a beautiful waterfall statement, a sensual and dynamic element to your bathing experience.
  • 【GREAT FLEXIBILITY】Handheld shower with 59-inch shower hose to satisfy different family members’ shower needs, for rinsing off after a bath or washing children and pets with ease, offer maximum flexibility and movement.
  • 【PREMIUM CERAMIC VALVE】Ceramic cartridge valve provides long and smooth operation. One handle easily controls hot and cold water which is the best choice for the modernization bathtub. Recommended water pressure is 0.3~0.6 MPa (3~6 bar)

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

What is this single-hold

bathroom faucet design standard?

  • Environmentally-friendly lead-free copper
  • we select a high-quality aerator, which is not easy to build up scale, solves the problem of faucet blockage caused by scale and the water flow is not smooth, reduces the frequency of faucet replacement.
  • Reduces the hidden health hazards caused by long-term use of problematic water. Use more at ease.
  • Preferred brass thickened body and solid brass construction
  • The body is thickened, which effectively resists the cold winter and is not easy to burst so that every family can rest assured that water can be used in all seasons.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

  • Powerful cartridge
  • After the life test of the cartridge, it can continue working more than 140,000 times. Even if it turns off and on 30 times a day, it can be used by a family of 6 for more than 10 years.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

  • Honeycomb aerator
  • Cellular tissue design of the aerator. Make the air and water are fully combined, and the water is soft and delicate. Daily washing is not afraid of wet sleeves.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

  • Ten level electroplating standard
  • The 3-hold faucet has passed the multi-layer electroplating process and passed the international standard salt spray test to reach the 10-level standard. After a long time of use, there are no white spots, patina, or rust on the surface

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

  • single handle control
  • One-key control of water outlet mode
  • Two ways to choose at will, easy to choose the shower water or the faucet water.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

  • Brass hand shower.
  • The hand shower is made of one-piece brass casting, which is effective in anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. The water outlet is designed with environmentally friendly silica gel to prevent clogging and even out water.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

which brand of gold tub faucet for the bathtub is best?

Maybe you want to buy a gold faucet for your bathtub. Which brand is your first choice? Delta or Home Depot? I think you will change your mind after you find this product.

If you are looking for a bathtub faucet buying guide, we have provided some pictures to let you know more about our products, you must not miss this product. We believe they will be the most popular bathtub faucets in 2022.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet


Please remark the correct pipe size when you place an order, otherwise, we will send the standard size1/2 ’’,

if you forget it, pls contact us before the order is dispatched, and we can replace it for you.

3 Hole Brass Brushed Gold Bathtub Faucet

The importance of bathtub golden faucets

As with bedrooms and living rooms, you have a lot to consider when you decorate your bathroom.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms like the living room in the house. Not only do they need to be functional, but they should also look good and feel comfortable. When it comes to bathroom decorating, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First off, make sure your bathroom is versatile enough to accommodate all of your needs. You don’t want one area that looks great for showering but isn’t well-suited for using the toilet or bathroom sink. Make sure everything has a place so you can easily access it when needed without having to wander around looking for something specific.
  • Second, think about what style you would like your bathroom to have – traditional or contemporary?
  • Third, you need to decide to buy the room furniture such as bathroom vanities, and the faucet. But this must be different from bedroom furniture or office furniture. For example, you must know the localtion of the tub spout before you decide to buy handles wall mount faucet.

Customer questions & answers

  • Q: will gold faucets go out of style?
  • A: No, it will be popular aways

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3 Holder Dual Control

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3-pcs bathtub faucet

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